AS Symptom Tracker



Ankylosing Spondylitis Symptom Tracker is a free app designed by AS Warriors for AS Warriors. There are no in-app purchases or strings attached. The app allows you to assess and keep track of the severity of your symptoms, help you understand what your assessment scores mean, and allow you to share your scores with your doctor. You can back up your data to a secure cloud for use on multiple devices, but the app is fully functional offline as well. We will never analyse or share your data without your expressed permission.

The app uses the Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis questionnaires validated by scientists and used world-wide by rheumatologists and AS researchers. There are less than 20 questions which take only a few minutes to complete. We use data from a study of nearly 3000 AS patients to help you interpret your symptom severity and how they compare to others’. For example, in a male AS Warrior with symptoms for 20 years, a disease activity score 5 would suggest that his AS is active and his score would be higher than 70% of other AS sufferers of the same gender and symptom duration.

The app provides a graphical display of your scores for easy interpretation. You can show your trends to your rheumatologist or even email them your scores. We also use validated MCIDs (minimal clinically important differences) to let you know if severity scores have changed significantly from last assessment. All scientific references are available in the app, and statistical formulae available on request.

AS Symptom Tracker was developed independently by a group consisting of an AS sufferer, a computer programmer, a rheumatologist and a data scientist. In the future we are interested in helping the AS community by contributing to research. This is an area under development. Please try the Ankylosing Spondylitis Symptom Tracker app and tell your contacts and rheumatology team. If you share our vision to improve the care of AS Warriors, please ask your local AS charity to support us or pledge a donation, so we can maintain, update and improve the app. We are looking to raise funds to develop an iOS version for Apple users. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

AS Symptom Tracker is available for download here.